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Local Services

SIP Local Service
SIP Local service provides seamless integration of Telecom One’s voice network services with IP-based phone systems. SIP Local delivers local, toll-free, domestic and international long distance service. Additionally, SIP Local can be dynamically integrated with Internet and MPLS data network services over the same single network connection.

Local PRI
Local PRI is ideal for customers with a high volume of calls and ISDN signaling capabilities. This product provides high capacity delivery of voice services at low cost per minute rates.

Local Digital T1
Local Digital T1 is a sound solution for customers with heavy calling and digital phone systems.

Local Analog T1
Local Analog T1 delivers up to 24 analog lines that can handle both inbound and outbound local and long distance calls.

Integrated Local Voice and Data T1/PRI
Integrated local voice and data service combine voice and high speed internet over a single circuit for a fully integrated, complete business solution. Voice lines are available in PRI, T1, and analog formats.

Additional Services

  • SIP Long Distance and Toll-Free
  • TDM Long Distance and Toll-Free
  • Internet Access Services
  • MPLS and Private Line Services
  • Audio and Web Conferencing