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SIP Long Distance

SIP Long Distance

SIP Long Distance voice service provide seamless integration of Telecom One’s long distance and toll-free voice services with IP-based phone systems. SIP Long Distance is available with inbound toll-free and outbound domestic and international long distance services. Additionally, SIP Long Distance can be dynamically integrated with Internet and MPLS services over the same single network connection.

Access Options
Multiple access options are available to meet each customer’s bandwidth requirements, including DS1, NxDS1, DS3, and Ethernet access provided by Telecom One. Additional options are available for SIP Local services provided over the top of customer-provided Internet access.

Service Bundles
All bundles provide fully-integrated network services with dynamic bandwidth allocation.

  • Voice – Long Distance and Toll-Free
  • Voice and Internet
  • Voice and MPLS
  • Voice, Internet, and MPLS

Telecom One offers SIP Long Distance nationwide, throughout most areas of the lower 48 United States.

Certified IP Phone Systems
SIP Long Distance voice services are certified interoperable with an array of phone systems and media gateways. Operational acceptance is performed with each customer’s system to assure problem-free service prior to activation.

Traffic Prioritization and QoS
SIP Long Distance voice services delivered via MPLS provide industry leading, end-to-end quality and low latency.

  • Quality of Service (QoS) prioritizes voice and data traffic to meet customer’s business requirements.

Voice, Internet and MPLS services are each able to utilize available bandwidth as determined by the selected QoS profile.