Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions Keep Your Business Running

Be it a natural disaster, man-made accident, or hardware/software failure, multiple threats can disrupt your internet and phone service and wreak havoc on your business operations. And every minute of downtime means potentially lost customers and revenue.

Telecom One’s continuity solutions are designed with one goal in mind—to minimize the impact of unplanned events while keeping your operation running. Stay in contact with your customers, vendors, and partners at all times with our:

  • Advanced voice solutions – seamlessly forward or reroute calls on demand
  • Data networking – secure, redundant hardware and intelligent network routing for automatic failover in the event of an outage
  • Load balancing and managed failover – automatically balances your network traffic between two circuits and ensures failover should one go down
  • Wireless backup – automatically transfers calls, email, and internet to a wireless 4G network should you lose voice and data connectivity

With our business continuity solutions, you’ll:

  • Maintain your high level of customer service and customer confidence
  • Ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements at all times
  • Mitigate financial risk
  • Minimize disruption to your operation
  • Recover critical systems and files

Ask about Telecom One’s hosted PBX/unified communications, and SD-WAN solutions that increase your network’s resilience and redundancy.

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