Partner with Telecom One as an Independent Agent

Telecom One’s Independent Agent program is for experienced telecom professionals who want to sell our products and services. You can count on us to provide all the tools and support you need to succeed as our business partner, so you can close more sales and earn more in commissions.

Custom-designed telecommunications — Don’t get stuck with what the other providers want you to sell. Our engineers utilize the best technologies to design a robust, tailored package that fits your business needs precisely.

Supportive collaboration — We analyze every quote request and help our partners select the best solutions to meet their customers’ specific needs. Need something creative? No problem! We can work it out together.

End-to-end project management — We strengthen your sales efforts with our talented engineers and support staff—bolstered by our long history with network providers, massive buying power, dedicated carrier support teams, and methodical approach to project management.

Solution diversity for business continuity — Telecom One offers diverse, secure, reliable solutions so your customers can plan for worst-case scenarios and recover quickly.

Hassle-free billing and great customer care — Telecom One takes the hassle of invoicing off your plate. Our 24/7 customer care team will handle invoices and address customers’ questions and concerns so you can focus on building your business.

Timely, accurate commission payments — Earn monthly commissions throughout the life of the customer, accompanied by full documentation for full transparency.

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