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It does not matter what your job function is or where you are located. Unified Communications (UC) is a powerful business tool that can be used in all industries.

If you are a sales professional, unified communications make file sharing, making phone calls, and locating customer information quicker than before.

If you manage a call center, you can use presence-detection features to find the right person to handle the query. You can then use the instant messaging capability to contact that person without putting the customer on hold.

But, before venturing into the exciting world of UC, you first need to understand how it can affect your organization. Why should you abandon traditional communications systems and embrace a unified communications solution?

Team Collaboration

UC technologies combine communication and file sharing platforms for real-time team collaboration.

Efficient and effective teamworking has always been a major challenge to firms with decentralized manpower. By adopting cost-effective unified communications, organizations expedite transactions, obtain necessary information, and contact team members regardless of time and location.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With unified communications technology, your customer service representatives can quickly find the right person to resolve issues. No matter where that employee is, the agent can connect the customer right away. This way, call transfers are avoided and customers are not put on hold for long periods. This is crucial in business operations, since 75% of customers expect assistance within 5 minutes, according to McKinsey Digital Labs. The costs are high if a business fails to meet such expectations.

Secure Communications

Communications between business partners and suppliers often contains sensitive or proprietary information. Using traditional communications systems, these exchanges could easily be intercepted.
With UC, you can connect and collaborate with business partners and suppliers securely. The unified communications platform protects your data against theft and interception, so you can work with peace of mind.

It’s not just large banks and government agencies being hacked. All businesses are at risk of data breaches. According to Microsoft, 20% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are cybercrime targets. This is a compelling reason for all businesses to use unified communications solutions that encrypt information being exchanged across the network.

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